The Wonder Pig?

posted by bob
Oct 20

What is the Story Behind Cosmo the 15-lb. Wonder Pig?

Ya, we know, Cosmo’s not really a guinea pig. We can tell the difference. Cosmo is a dog. In fact, he is a terrier - our 15-lb pet terrier.

Cosmo got into the guinea pig cage business in February of 2009 when he made an appearance in one of our Blue Stone Commerce videos as a guinea pig stunt double.

The object was to demostrate the quality of our cages and show that this cage was so sturdy that it could even support a 15-lb guinea pig. But when it came time to actually shoot the video, we were surprised to find that, despite all our best efforts, we were unable to locate an actual 15-lb guinea pig. Thus we looked to Cosmo to “cowboy up” and give it his doggone best effort. We were also unable to find a guinea pig suit in his size, so we simply asked Cosmo to “think pig”.

To his credit, Cosmo went “hog wild” and pulled off the single best performance of his (virtually nonexistent) acting career. And that… is how he earned the name “Cosmo the 15-lb. Wonder Pig”. You can see his professional film debut in the video below:


Everyone was so impressed with Cosmo’s cameo appearance in the riveting drama Very Sturdy C&C Guinea Pig Cage, that it was decided to give Cosmo his very own feature length film – with music (feature length meaning 3 minutes and 24 seconds).

The film features the zany antics of Cosmo as he deals with his humorous medical appliance in the feature-length production (3:24) Cosmo the Conehead Dog.

Here is a short selection from that film…

Okay, okay… here is the entire film in its… er… uh… entirety (3:24):

P.S. In case you’re wondering: why the conehead?
Cosmo was dealing with an eye infection at the time.

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    awwww Cosmo is one heck of a dog/pig :) soooo cute ♥

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