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We’ve had problems with our flights…

We’ll get home on Monday the 12th of March, 2012 instead of the planned Sunday March 11. But we still plan to get those C&C guinea pig cages out ON TIME… We’ll do our best!!!

You just bought your first guinea pig. You have all intentions of being a conscientious owner. You want to treat your guinea pig “right”. And, most of all, you don’t want to “mess up” and do the wrong thing. But there are so many things to know in order to get started—and so many little things to buy. And the first item you need to consider is a new home for your new pet. And with so many guinea pig cages for sale, how do you know which one to choose?

Yes, we’ve been there. Many years ago, we bought our first guinea pig. And we “messed up”. We’re not bad people. We just simply did what other uninformed new owners do—we bought a pet store cage. Everyone buys them. You see them everywhere. They must be good. Or so we thought…

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When you think of a guinea pig cage, what’s the image that immediately comes to mind? Of course, it’s that tiny little factory-manufactured rodent cage that we always see in pet stores.

We’ve been sellers of large, comfortable and healthy C&C guinea pig cages for several years. We deal with these non-traditional cages on a daily basis – and yet – when you mention the words “guinea pig cage” the image of the small, cramped pet store rodent cage is still the first to come to our minds.
We’ve been conditioned. Since we’ve been small, we’ve seen guinea pigs housed in these small cages. We saw them at friends’ houses, at relative’s houses and in stores. And, if we were lucky enough to have a pet guinea pig as children, this was probably the cage that our parents bought for us.

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What are the things you consider when looking at guinea pig cages for sale? Color? Price? An aesthetically-pleasing design? Different People choose cages based upon different criteria. However, one extremely important factor is often overlooked.

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Yes — it’s no secret. BlueStoneCommerce has C&C guinea pig cages for sale. What’s our motivation? Let me give you a little history.

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We hit a milestone this past weekend in terms of guinea pig cages for sale

On Saturday August 14, 2010 BlueStoneCommerce sold its 1000th cage.

I feel like putting up a big sign— just like McDonalds…

Over 1000 Sold


Ya, I know. Big deal. It’s not going to put BlueStoneCommerce on the New York Stock Exchange (nor even in the Ma and Pop shop hall-o-fame). But it’s a milestone nonetheless.

So we celebrate.

Ya, 1000 cages. I know, don’t worry; we’re not getting a swelled head about it. We know we’re “small potatoes” — and we’re fine with that.

1000 cages in just over three years. Did I say “small potatoes”? I meant microscopic spuds. We know it’s not a huge number of cages shipped. We recognize it’s not a huge amount of revenue or profit for three years work. So why do we do it?

1)      We are guinea pig owners as well as guinea pig cage sellers. We like doing this.

2)      We were guinea pig owners well before we put up our first guinea pig cages for sale — we like doing this.

3)      Years ago, when we bought our very first guinea pig, we put him in a small cramped pet store cage (poor Pookie). We didn’t know any better. We meant well. But we didn’t know any better. He was the last one of our many pigs to live unhappily in such cramped quarters. We learned. We learned and we regret that we didn’t know any better. So now we “spread the word”.

4)      1000 cages sold means more than 1000 guinea pigs living in spacious, comfortable safe conditions and not in those cramped, tiny, store-bought cages — and that’s what it’s all about.

Yes — more than 1000 cages sold.

We know we’re not going to win the Nobel Pigs Prize. That’s fine. More than 1000 cages sold…

Thanks to all our customers for trusting us and our humble family business and for helping us “spread the word”.

We know. All we do is offer guinea pig cages for sale. Still — it gives us kind of a good feeling. And we hope you get that same feeling the first time you set your precious pet into her new, spacious home.

Bob and Nancy Matthews

(Did I mention we like doing this?)

Help us “spread the word”. Have a look at this post Guinea Pig Cages – Room to Roam and pass a link to it along to your friends.