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We’ve had problems with our flights…

We’ll get home on Monday the 12th of March, 2012 instead of the planned Sunday March 11. But we still plan to get those C&C guinea pig cages out ON TIME… We’ll do our best!!!

guinea pig cageTomorrow we fly… and so can your pigs.

That’s right. Tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 19, 2011) we hop on that plane for home. Bye, bye Florida… hello Michigan.

Our guinea pigs must have woken up and seen their shadows because we still have a few more weeks of winter in our future.

But, bad news for us means good news for you (and your pigs). Because we’re going home, we’re ramping our guinea pig cage inventories back up from vacation levels.

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You guys are amazing! The guinea pig cages we built for shipment during our vacation are going far faster than we anticipated.

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Nancy and I are indeed enjoying ourselves in Hawaii. But we are still in contact with “civilization” as you know if you have sent us an email in the past few days. We are still answering emails and we are still selling cages.

So, if you need a cavy cage we still have a large selection and fairly large inventory of cages.


Although, as of this writing, we have already sold seven of our 30 original cages. So they are going kind of fast – and the selection will become more and more limited as time goes on. But, no need to fear… Remember…

We will be back in town and fully engaged on October 25, 2010.

 Until then, I think we’ll just go fly around Kauai. (See if you can spot the waterfall that they used in the movie Jurassic Park)…

So, yes, we’re away from home. But, because we worked hard to make prior arrangements, you can still get a cavy cage from us by visiting one of our online stores.

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Sep 12

I stumble down the stairs still sleepy at 7:00 AM. Our five guinea pigs can hear my footsteps on the stairs. Usually Apple is the pig who begins the cacophony of wheeking from the large C&C cavy cage.
They demand food. All five of them wheeking and calling for food. Like young, spoiled children – give me food! Give it to me now!
Are they spoiled? Are they like little children throwing a tantrum? I don’t think so. They’re just hungry little guinea pigs and they’re excited.
Actually, I love waking up to the sound of their wheeking. I think I’m the one that’s spoiled.

If you’re considering building a C&C cavy cage, then you will need to understand some facts about them. C&C stands for cubes and Coroplast. The word “cubes” refers to the metal grids (normally used to build storage cube units) that are used to form the cage enclosure itself. Coroplast is the corrugated plastic sheet material used to form litter bins or trays. Coroplast is a brand name that comes from the contraction of the words “corrugated” and “plastic”.

As the C&C cavy cage is becoming more and more popular, more people are getting exposure to the Coroplast material. At first glance, the material looks very similar to cardboard. While it does have a structure quite similar to cardboard — it is definitely not cardboard. In fact, it has far different properties than cardboard.

Cardboard is made out of paper. It falls apart when exposed to water and it’s relatively easy to tear. On the other hand, it is lightweight, economical and is actually a very strong material for its cost and weight.

Coroplast is made of plastic – polypropylene. It is water-proof so it is idea for containing water, bedding s well as other biological waste products that your pigs may produce. It is also highly resistant to solvents. This means two things to the owners of C&C guinea pig cages a) it is not damaged by common household cleaners so it can be easily cleaned and b) since it is resistant to chemical solvents, it is indigestible. In other words, if your animal decides to chew it, the non-toxic plastic pieces will simply “pass through” its system leaving your cavy unharmed.

Because of this fact, it is approved by the US Government for contact with food. And it is also approved by pig rescue organizations for use in cavy cage construction.

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