If you’ve been following us on our BlueStone Commerce site or on one of our YouTube channels, you know that we have five pigs in our family. We get emails, YouTube comments, and blog comments on a regular basis asking us the names of our pigs. So here they are:

Charlie - He’s the father and he’s dark brown in color. Pippi the mother died in childbirth. Unfortunately, she had to have a Cesarean – and guinea pigs typically don’t have a high survivability rate with this procedure. We miss her.

Cupcake – The shyest. She’s a female and looks the most like her father.

Pumpkin Spice – She’s the friendliest of the five. She has an orange/brown cinnamon-colored coat – hence the pumpkin name.

Apple  – She’s the dominant female. She has her mother’s coloration. She has a cinnamon and white “two-tone” coat.

Pippin- Named in honor of his mother Pippi who gave her life birthing the four pups. Pippin looks most like Pippi. His coat is the same color as hers and has a very similar pattern as well.

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