Just how much do you know about the guinea pig? Take this short test of cavy knowledge to find out.

1. What are baby guinea pigs called?
a. Puppies
b. Guppies
c. Sprouts
d. Forest Gump

2. Guinea pigs need to be given supplements of which vitamin?
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Flintstones chewables

3. Which of these animals is the most closely related to the guinea pig?
a. Rabbit
b. Penguin
c. Beaver
d. Forest Gump

4. Where do guinea pigs originally come from?
a. Africa
b. South America
c. K-Mart
d. Their moms

5. When guinea pigs spring into the air, it is called…
a. Percolating
b. Tiddly Winking
c. Popcorning
d. Springing into the air

And now for the answers:
1. Oddly enough, baby guinea pigs are called puppies. You might expect them to be called piglets in order to keep the pig reference consistent – because adult male guinea pigs are called boars and female guinea pigs are called sows.
2. Guinea pigs must be given daily vitamin C supplements because they, like humans, lack a particular enzyme needed to manufacture this vitamin in their bodies.
3. The beaver is most closely related to the guinea pig. (Forest Gump is most closely related to the summer sausage.)
4. Guinea pigs are originally from the Andean region of South America which consists of modern day Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Tribal peoples raised them as food. (I hear they had a guinea pig meat loaf that was to die for. It was great smothered in cavy gravy.)
5. When guinea pigs spring into the air, it is called popcorning. Those of you who answered springing into the air get extra credit for your tremendous grasp of the obvious.

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