2x3x2 Mini-Terrace Guinea Pig CageCan you remember seeing a guinea pig hutch when you were a kid? Remember that one kid (maybe it was you) that had that old wood and chicken wire beast-of-a-cage behind the house — or maybe behind the detached garage. Or perhaps it was a rabbit hutch. Whatever it was, chances are that poor little animal had a hard life trying to survive outside in most regions of the United States.

There was always a problem with water. In the summer, one always had to make sure there was plenty of water available so the animal didn’t dehydrate. And in the winter, one had to check to make sure the water didn’t freeze.

And, of course, the pet always looked uncomfortable. In summer the animal was too hot. And in winter, try as it may to burrow deeply into the hay for warmth, the poor creature always looked cold.

I have no way of proving it, but I suspect that that old wooden guinea pig hutch was responsible for the early demise of more than one family pet.

In general, back in those days, when we kept guinea pigs inside, we put them in those tiny little store-bought cages that were essentially nothing more than a small, cramped rodent cage. By today’s standards, they were much too small to hold a guinea pig or a rabbit.

If we wanted a big cage, we built a massive and cumbersome structure out of two-by-fours and chicken wire. It was too massive (and, let’s face it — too ugly) to keep in the house, so our family pets suffered outside.

Today’s counterpart is no longer called a guinea pig hutch. It’s called a C&C (cubes and Coroplast) cage. It is as roomy — often roomier — than the old chicken wire behemoth of yesteryear; but it is far less intrusive in terms of bulkiness and appearance. Today’s Coroplast cage is large enough to house your pigs comfortably yet attractive enough to place indoors.

BlueStoneCommerce has several roomy-yet-attractive C&C cage models.

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  1. The ideal measurement for a guinea pig hutch with two or more occupants is ten and a half square feet. This would have plenty of room for them to move around and play. It is vital that they should have room to play so that they will not get too fat.

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