Don’t get me wrong! I like the snow. But 12 inches in one day is just too much. WE’RE OUTTA HERE! Bob and Nancy (Mr. and Mrs. BlueStoneCommerce) are headed to sunny Florida for a week.

We leave Feb. 12, 2011 & will return Feb 19.

We’re going back to Panama City Beach – had so much fun there last year,we’re going again. See for yourself. Here’s a VDO from last years trip…


What does that mean to you? It means a smaller selection and limited quantity of cages while we’re gone.

We plan to pack a limited number of our popular models before we leave. And we have contracted with someone to fulfill orders for us while we’re gone – so we don’t leave our potential piggy customers high and dry.
But, when the supply is gone – it’s gone. (That’s what I mean by a Potential C&C Guinea Pig Cage Shortage). Also – we won’t be able to handle special options – like chew-resist upgrades. We simply won’t be there. So…
If you are particular about your cages…(and you wouldn’t be buying from BlueStoneCommerce if you weren’t)…

You have until Feb. 10, 2011 to order.

After that, it’s kind of “cage as cage can” in terms of C&C selection.
We’ll be back in full force on Feb 21, 2011.
For those of you who worry – who’s going to take care of your five pigs – and Cosmo the Wonder Pig (our dog)?

Well, it’s okay. Our two adult children still live at home with us and will care for all the pets. They are both attending nearby colleges and they’ve taken care of the pets many times before. So – bottom line – all is okay. Don’t worry. Our pets will be cared for and will have lots of company and attention from the people they live with every day. (However, they are both college students; so… if you hear of the “party to end all parties” being promoted at our house during this time, drop us an email won’t you?)

Here’s a Recap:
  • We’re fully open and fully stocked until Feb 10, 2011
  • Feb 11, 2011 – Feb 19, 2011 – we will offer a limited quantity and selection of cages. During that time, many models will not be available and the cages that are available will be in limited quantities.
  • We will be checking emails during that time. Like usual, we will answer every one – but it will probably take longer than usual – please cut us some slack – we’re on vacation after all.
  • We will reopen Feb. 21, 2011

So… Fair Warning… DON’T MISS OUT! Make up your mind quickly… ORDER TODAY

If you’re interested in a specific cage model, or a particular upgrade, or you don’t want to wait until Feb. 21, 2011… DON’T MISS OUT… Order TODAY
Because… come Heck or High H2O… we’ll be on that plane.
Southward Ho!
Bob and Nancy
Mr. and Mrs. BlueStoneCommerce

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