guinea pig cageTomorrow we fly… and so can your pigs.

That’s right. Tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 19, 2011) we hop on that plane for home. Bye, bye Florida… hello Michigan.

Our guinea pigs must have woken up and seen their shadows because we still have a few more weeks of winter in our future.

But, bad news for us means good news for you (and your pigs). Because we’re going home, we’re ramping our guinea pig cage inventories back up from vacation levels.

Wheek, wheek, wheek!!!

Beginning Friday, February 18, 2011; we will begin restocking our online guinea pig cage stores. We’re going to get our eBay, Bonanza and iOffer stores fully up and running. Look for us to begin adding items throughout the afternoon. By this evening, all guinea pig cage models and accessories will be available.


And, when you do buy, make sure not to pass up any free money.  Be sure to take advantage of our website visitors special offer:


So, once again, good news/bad news. Bad news is we’re going home to the cold, snow and ice. Good news is we’re going back to our five pigs: Charlie, Apple, Pippen, Cupcake and Pumpkin; our dog, Cosmo and… oh yeah… our two kids, Alex and Kristen.

Gotta love those pigs.

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