You guys are amazing! The guinea pig cages we built for shipment during our vacation are going far faster than we anticipated.

No more Mega-Towers and no more 2×3 Colonials with storage

We’re out. You won’t be able to get either one until this coming weekend when we get back from Florida.

What’s left?

3 Towers, a Millennium 200, two mini-Terraces, a 2×3 Colonial, a 2×4 Colonial and a 2×4 Colonial with storage. Buy one of these  remaining units and we’ll have it shipped out immediately to you. Anything else won’t go until next Monday, Feb. 21, 2011.

However, if the cage you just have to have is out of stock…

Do we have a deal for  you…

If we run out of a cage model you want while we’re away from home, contact us on or after Friday February 18, 2011 and mention the words “Homeless pigs” and BlueStoneCommerce will pay 25% of your shipping costs.

Offer good through February 19, 2011.
This offer cannot be combined with other special offers.
Offer void in the following states: Confusion, Disarray and Shock.

In other words: email us and buy a cage that we’re out of – while we’re out of it – and we’ll pay 25% of your shipping for you when we send you your cage early next week.

Yep, that’s right… the same offer I repeated last post… just a reminder.

So, consider yourself warned - or at least informed. These cages are selling faster than we anticipated. We wish we had built more than we did before we left. But we didn’t. And don’t get us wrong – we really appreciate your overwhelming response and your confidence in our product. But nevertheless, what we got is what we got.

Happy Pigs,

Bob and Nancy

Want to

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