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Space-saver cages for guinea pigs are becoming more popular these days. In fact, one of our top-selling guinea pig cages just happens to be the Mega Tower (shown below) – one of our space-saver cages for guinea pigs.

The Concept Behind Space-Saver Cages for Guinea Pigs

Mega-Tower-Space-Saver-Cages for guinea pigsMost people have the wrong idea about space-saving. To them space-saver means “less space”. Space-saver means “smaller”. But not to us.

The concept behind BlueStoneCommerce’s line of space-saver cages is to deliver a roomy and spacious cage in a product form that can fit in a small footprint.

Yep. It’s a good idea – but not one we can really say we originally invented…

The Cage Design Inspired by Manhattan Property Values

Suppose you wanted to build a building in Manhattan – and you needed a lot of space… say, an area equal to 36 square city blocks. Would you buy up a plot of land six-blocks by six-blocks and build a sprawling single-story structure?

Of course not. Too expensive. The footprint is much too large. It takes up too much real estate.

So, instead, you build a building one-block by one-block and 36-stories high… or 56-stories… or 100. We call that a skyscraper. It’s footprint is only one city-block but it can contain many tens of thousands of square-feet. (The Empire State building contains just under 3-million square feet.)

“The Flat-Screen TV of Guinea Pig Cages”

Besides employing the multi-level “skyscraper concept” our Tower and Mega-Tower models were also designed with a long, thin footprint. This thin design allows the cage to hug the wall – as you can see in the photo above.

We like to say that our “Tower” line of cages does for the guinea pig cage what the flat-screen did for TVs.

The Demise of Big Guinea Pig Cages

So, with the invention of the slim-line space-saver cages for guinea pigs, you might conclude that there is no longer a need for large-footprint cages. Not true.

All-in-all, a big guinea cages are still better for your guinea pigs health and well-being. Would you rather run on a quarter-mile track (large footprint) or back and forth on a drag strip (narrow footprint). Yes, you can still get just as much exercise on the drag strip – but it’s just annoying to make that abrupt turn at the end each time.

Good, Bester, Besterest (and Worsterest)

In terms of your pigs health and well-being, a large footprint cage is best. And for multiple pigs – multiple stories are recommended. Hey, pigs are people too. We all feel better and more comfy in a large roomy house. And, once in a while we need to get away to our own private room or maybe to a different floor.

If you don’t have the room for a large cage, the space-saver cavy cage is the next-best choice. Each individual level is smaller than a large-footprint cage, so it’s not the optimal choice. But the total amount of living space is far more than that found in manufactured pet store cages. It’s a great choice for an apartment, dorm room, kid’s room or to fit in a small nook like that shown in the photo above.

I’ve said it before. Putting your pig in a small pet store cage is like you living out your entire life in your bathroom. We did it to our first guinea pig (back then we didn’t know any better) and… after we’ve seen the remarkable changes in our pigs’ moods and energy levels… we’ll never do it again.

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