Yep! That’s right – was hijacked for the past couple days… Maybe you noticed…

No I don’t mean we were held at gunpoint by terrorists and forced to provide them with a pilot and a fully-fueled jet ready to fly to a yet-to-be-named location (complete with some timothy hay and an undisclosed number of C&C guinea pig cages). I mean, some wacky hacker somehow whacked and hacked onto our site and maliciously installed some malicious content on our site.

So… If you’ve tried to visit us in the last few days, you may have been greeted with a “Google Attack Page” informing you of the dreaded aforementioned malicious content.

All’s Well in Pigville once again.

Well, I’m happy to say: All’s well in Pigville once again. The fine folks at HostGator (our hosting provider) acted quickly and cleaned up our site. All of the dreaded malicious content has been hunted down and terminated with extreme prejudice. So all is well (although it may take Google a little while to recheck our site and call off the “Attack Page Dogs”.) But we’ve requested a review by them, so by the time you read this, hopefully the Google Attack Page will be just a faint memory.

Just a quick mention of our hosting company - they responded so very quickly that I figure they deserve a few kudos… Thanks HostGator!

And thanks to those of you who braved the Google Attack Page and continued to purchase cages from us during the hijacking. We’re just happy no hostages were taken.


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