Yep, we’re headed off to Hawaii on February 23, 2012…

That means that we are going to close down guinea pig cage operations early next week (the week of Feb 19). So, if you’ve had your eye on one of our cages, you’d better act fast. Because we will be closing down for 2-3 weeks starting early next week. We will be resuming operations sometime in mid-March.

That means this weekend (Feb 18th and 19th) will be one of your final opportunities to purchase a BlueStoneCommerce C&C guinea pig cage before we shut down for our tropical trek. (As I said, your next opportunity will be mid-March). This time we’re taking our college-age kids with us for part of the vacation. But don’t worry about all the pets (five pigs, one dog [Cosmo the Wonder Pig] and the two frogs). We have hired one of our kid’s friends to house-sit and take care of the BlueStone domestic menagerie. So the animals will all have care, feeding and companionship while we are sunning our buns in the Aloha state.

Looking forward to escaping the Michigan weather. Sure – we’ve had a mild winter here in Michigan. But a mild winter in Michigan means 35 – 40 degrees. A mild winter in Hawaii means 79 – 80 degrees.

I think that’s an improvement.

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