What is a C&C Cage?

First of all, I mention the phrase C&C cage in the title of this article. This is cage-building technology that has become more and more popular in recent years. C&C stands for Cubes and Coroplast – the two major components used to design and construct these types of cages.

In reality the word cubes does not accurately describe the construction material being used. In actuality, steel wire grids are used to construct the cage walls. They are referred to as cubes, simply because these grids are traditionally used to build storage cube systems.

Coroplast is technically the brand name of the product. The name is actually a contraction of the words corrugated and plastic. Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material that comes in sheet form and is usually used to make signs. You may have seen political campaign signs, for instance, on people’s lawns made from this material.

Why Choose a C&C Cage?

The major reason that people chose C&C cages over mass-produced pet store cages is because pet store cages are generally much too small to provide a healthy environment for your pig(s). Larger cages can be difficult to find. Additionally, guinea pigs are social creatures so it is always recommended that they be kept in groups of two or more. This, of course, creates an even larger space requirement.

Because C&C cages are made from 14-inch x 14-inch grids, they can be used to design a variety of cage sizes and shapes. In fact the range of options is unlimited. Many cages feature multiple level, wheels, bridges, ramps and other innovative features. Your imagination is the only limit.

A Word about Safety

Recently, one of the popular national department store chains has redesigned its cube storage units in order to save cost. The new design still uses 14-inch x 14-inch grids, however, each individual grid only has 8 squares on a side. The old design used a 9×9 grid layout – thus, each opening was smaller than in the new 8×8 grids.

As C&C Cage sellers, we have been contacted by a few pig rescue organizations who have informed us that guinea pig strangulation deaths have been reported by people using the new 8×8 grids. It is very important for your pig’s safety that you avoid 8×8 14-inch grids and only use 9×9 14-inch grids.

Once again, 8×8 grids pose a strangulation hazard for your pigs and should be avoided at all costs.

C&C cages offer a lot of cage for the money. You have the option of designing and building one yourself. This offers maximum freedom – but also maximum labor on your part. Alternatively, you can also purchase one online in kit form from a reputable seller.

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