You’ve brought home your new guinea pig(s), chosen a suitable and roomy cage – now, where do you put it? A) Garage, B) Closet C) In front of a window D) None of the above. The correct answer is D) none of the above. Among other requirements, cavies must be kept in a room with a stable temperature – free of drafts and out of direct sunlight. Finding a suitable location for your guinea pigs’ cage is a task that requires careful thought and diligence. When placing your pigs’ new home within your home, several factors should be considered.


Extreme Temperatures Should be Avoided.

You pigs do not tolerate extreme heat or cold very well. They should be kept in a room-temperature environment – a range of approximately 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 24 degrees Celsius). This requirement immediately eliminates several areas in the home. Avoid placing the cage directly on heat registers, directly in front of a window, next to a radiator or fireplace or next to the oven. Also avoid putting your pigs any place where they may be exposed to cold drafts. The garage is out – too hot in summer too cold in winter. (The garage poses an additional hazard in that your pigs will be exposed to toxic carbon monoxide gas on a regular basis.) In terms of temperature: a rule of thumb is that your pigs like to live where you do. If you are too hot or too cold, chances are your guinea pigs are too.


Avoid Humid Areas

Guinea pigs’ respiratory systems are not the most robust. Cavies tend to be overly sensitive to upper respiratory infections. As such, placement in high-humidity locations such as your laundry room or near showers and baths should also be avoided. Also be cautious about placing your cavies in a basement area unless a dehumidifier has been installed and the area is well lit.


Avoid Isolation

Guinea pigs are social creatures. As such, they generally prefer to be around activity. Place your pig in or near a fairly high activity area. Great places are generally in the kitchen, living room, great room or family room – or wherever your family typically congregates in the home. Avoid placing your pigs’ home in rooms where it will undergo long periods of isolation or low traffic such as a child’s bedroom, in the basement or in a back hallway.


Choosing a high quality guinea pig cage is only the beginning task in creating a safe and healthy environment for your pet. Selecting a suitable location in your home is an equally critical task. Choose a location with a stable and moderate temperature and low humidity. In addition, chose a location in which your family can share their daily activities with your pigs. Don’t forget – your guinea pigs are family members too.

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