2 Responses to “C&C Guinea Pig Cages – Very Sturdy Ramps
for BlueStoneCommerce
2-Level and 3-Level Cages”

  1. Sandy Brightwell says:

    Hi – heard you are back from your Hawaii trip! Hope you had a fabulous time. I wrote you guys a few months ago about the guinea pig we adopted from my son’s neighbor. I already had purchased cubes from Sears and was ready to build a cage, and you were kind enough to send me directions for the terrace cage. I have watched the ramp video and wanted to order a ramp when you returned, but now I can’t find the ramp either on BlueStone’s site or EBay. Pierre doesn’t chew coroplast, so I just wanted to order the $20 one. We have built the 3-grid X 2 grid cage with an upper level. How do I order the ramp and how much is the shipping? Thanks, Sandy Brightwell 719-598-3416

  2. Paula says:

    I bought a NEW 3-Level 1×3 Guinea Pig LARGE Custom Pet CAGE BONUS off ebay from blue stone commerce and am in need of replacing the ramps. Can you help me out?

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