Unfortunately, many people don’t pay close attention to ramps when searching for cages. But ramps are an important element of multi-level guinea pig and rabbit cages. 

If you want the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge of knowing that your pigs are safe, you will shop around until you find a ramp that is both 1) strong enough to safely support your pig and 2) has No Metal Grids or Bars – these can injure your pigs’ feet and legs. 

Learn all about the materials used in the construction of various types of guinea pig and rabbit cage ramps. See demonstrations of various ramp designs under heavy loads.

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2 Responses to “C&C Guinea Pig Cages – Very Sturdy Ramps
for BlueStoneCommerce
2-Level and 3-Level Cages”

  1. Sandy Brightwell says:

    Hi – heard you are back from your Hawaii trip! Hope you had a fabulous time. I wrote you guys a few months ago about the guinea pig we adopted from my son’s neighbor. I already had purchased cubes from Sears and was ready to build a cage, and you were kind enough to send me directions for the terrace cage. I have watched the ramp video and wanted to order a ramp when you returned, but now I can’t find the ramp either on BlueStone’s site or EBay. Pierre doesn’t chew coroplast, so I just wanted to order the $20 one. We have built the 3-grid X 2 grid cage with an upper level. How do I order the ramp and how much is the shipping? Thanks, Sandy Brightwell 719-598-3416

  2. Paula says:

    I bought a NEW 3-Level 1×3 Guinea Pig LARGE Custom Pet CAGE BONUS off ebay from blue stone commerce and am in need of replacing the ramps. Can you help me out?

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