BlueStoneCommerce- Scooter’s Misadventures Part II

Scooter recovered from his abscess on his belly only a year later to have an abscess on his jaw. It was almost a year to the day that Scooter had another abscess. Our wonderful vet took x-rays and felt that Scooter’s abscess had not penetrated the jawbone and he had a good chance of a full recovery. She informed me that if it involved the jawbone it usually keeps reoccurring and the prognosis is not good for a complete recovery.

Rabbits also tend to get abscess of the jaw and need the antibiotic beads implanted in their jawbone to have a chance of recovery. Scooter went through his fifth surgery in the two years that he had lived with us. This time the stitches were in a place that he could not chew on. No Bodysuit! Yeah! Our vet thinks that guinea pigs and rabbits are prone to jaw abscesses because a sharp piece of hay may injure them and subsequently get infected and cause an abscess.

Scooter had a full recovery from his jaw abscess and went on to live another three years. He is probably my favorite pig. Scooter was always a calm and friendly pig that loved to be petted anytime, even when he was eating. Guinea pigs are prey animals and as a result are easily frightened into running away from a predator. Not Scooter he always stood his ground waiting for you to pet him. He was known to come to the side of the cage and chew on the bars until I gave him a treat. When he was approaching his 5th birthday Scooter lost his appetite and was not eating or looking so well. The morning of July 4th, 2008 he really was breathing hard and I would have taken him to the vet’s office but it was a holiday. I had planned to take him the next day but he passed away quietly that afternoon. We buried him in our pet cemetery in the woods in our backyard next to Pepper and Pookie, our guinea pigs, Miss Froggie and Peek-a-Boo our mouse. Sadly there will be other pets to follow.

To Happy & Healthy Pets!
Nancy from BluestoneCommerce Cages and Guitars
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