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  1. Mia says:

    Is this a safe and green cage for guniea pigs? How much is this cage with shipping and all the task? what i am trying to do is buy or build a better guinea pig cage thank you so much!!! Please e-mail me back at

    Thank You,

    Mia Faulkner

  2. Michaela says:

    Hey first of all LOVE THE CAGES and i want to share the love with my special piggies pretty soon i have two right now but when i upgrade hopefully to this cage that i can have up to 8. that would be two each floor which is fabulous if you could give me a email that would be AWESOME my piggies would love it and how much would this cage come to

    Love Kayla, Ace and Oreo

    p.s i’m kayla the others are my piggies

  3. bob says:

    Hello Kayla,
    The best way to contact us is by sending an email to The 2x3x3 Mega Colonial is priced to sell at $199.97 plus shipping costs via UPS Ground. Please contact us at to make arrangements for this very large Cage Kit to be shipped right to your doorstep. Thank you for your interest in BlueStoneCommerce Cages. We would truly appreciate your business and value you as our customer. Best Wishes, Nancy

  4. Michaela says:

    Yes i tried to get to the email system but my email wont work it is having connection problems so if you could send me a reply to i’m more likely to get it but in the message i just wrote * it didnt send correctly* i am very interesting in the 2x3x3 cage it sounds perfect for my baby boys

    Love lots Kayla, Ace, and baby Oreo

  5. bob says:

    Hello Michaela,
    If your email system is not working and you can’t contact us at we can answer your questions here.
    Thank you for your interest in BlueStoneCommerce Cages!

  6. Michaela says:

    Thank you once again bob and right now yes i have two guinea pigs Ace and Oreo but i love them so i’m going to get more soon and i would like to put them in a large cage and i like this one alot how many pigs could this one hold because i’m looking into getting a few more up to like 8 or so and would these cages work for piggybedspreads i dont know if they would work i hope they do??

  7. Michaela says:

    so i forgot to mention in my last message i was planning to adopt these two twin brother guinea pigs in bountiful soon and how long would this take to ship? how much would shipping come to and can it hold over 4 piggies

    Love Kayla, Ace, Oreo soon to be Wilber and Babe

  8. Michaela says:

    So is this the better deal than the one with two floors and storage area i can only have four male pigs which i have now :) I have Ace and Oreo and the little brothers Nico and Shia i want them all to be happy so i want to know which cage is a better choice plus one day i want to get a seperate cage for two female pigs

  9. Billie says:

    I have a similar cage that I made at home, looking almost exactly like this… However, today I will be taking it apart and adding a second set of shelves to highten the space between levels. One foot is not sufficient enough to climb into and chase stubborn piggies around on the lower levels. If you pull down the front of the bottom to make room for your head and shoulders, bedding falls out, if you leave the front up you have less than half the space for your arms. I highly suggest re-thinking the 1 foot spacing per level. It’s really inconvienent. Though I love Blue Stone’s idea’s… it’s also better to make them at home. For their $200 cages, I can make one at home for about $60-70 (all three levels) and I don’t have to pay shipping either… Since you also have to assemble these cages, you’re really only paying for them to cut a sheet of coroplast, zip ties (if included) and shipping. I love your cage idea’s Blue Stone, don’t get me wrong but people can duplicate your cage at home for not even half the price you ask here. And if it’s cutting the coroplast they are afraid of getting wrong and stopping them from saving the money to do on their own… Any sign/hardware store will cut the correct dimentions for them.

  10. Wow….what a nice guinea pig cages, looks very lovely. I too have bought similar, but very low price but very wide cages actually, from and also many pet guinea pig needs. Infact i am having 2 couples of guinea pigs, and a guinea pig is about to give babies shortly, and I love the baby guinea pigs more than the bigger ones :).

  11. bob says:

    Your’e absolutely right. You can do it yourself if you are handy. In fact – that’s how we got started. We began for building bigger and better cages for our own guinea pigs. But… just as I can’t play golf, sew a dress or remove someone’s appendix; not everyone can do what you and I can do. People love our cages for many reasons…

    - In many areas it’s difficult to find grids or Coroplast. Hardware stores in our areas don’t carry either. You can find Coroplast at sign shops in our area – but prices vary a lot and can be expensive. Since Target dept store stopped selling suitable storage cubes, 9×9 grids have been very hard to find.
    - Not everyone has the knowledge, skill or experience to design a superior cage. We have have been building C&C cages for our own guinea pigs for years – so we put in features that make the owner’s life easier. As an engineer, I also understand structural considerations and can create sturdy cages with large openings – not rocket surgery, I know – but still, not everyone can do it.
    - We have very innovative ramps that are sturdy and very pig-safe. They are made from Coroplast so they are completely non-toxic (no glues, metal grids or bars). See this VDO –> C&C Guinea Pig Cages – Very Sturdy Ramps for BlueStoneCommerce 2-Level and 3-Level Cages
    - Our instruction manuals are very detailed and may be 40 – 50 pages long. Not everyone is mechanically minded so we hold your hand every step. Many of our customers absolutely rely on those instructions to get them from a “pile of parts” to a spacious, sturdy cage.
    - Many people want it fast – don’t have time to design, drive around locating parts, figure out how to do things, etc. We believe that, if not for BlueStoneCommerce, a lot more people would just put their pigs in pet store cages and be done with it.
    - Some people live in apartments or other small living quarters – don’t have the room or work surface to cut and work on 4 by 8 sheets of Coroplast.

    Do a search for C&C cages and you will find dozens of sites w instructions on how to build a cage. I’m sure many (maybe even most) people build cages from scratch. But for those that are unable or unwilling or just don’t have the time – BlueStoneCages is here. Sure, we cost more than doing it from scratch but we disagree with the statement, “you’re really only paying for them to cut a sheet of coroplast”. We have more than 1000 very happy customers – many who (for many different reasons) ended up with a far better cage than they could have by building from scratch.

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