Dec 27

What’s that – hives? A rash? What’s going on?

Yep. This holiday season, we’ve had two households find out that their kids were allergic to guinea pigs when they handled the little critters at the store. They had each ordered a guinea pig cage in advance from BlueStoneCommerce and now they were stuck.

Another bought a guinea pig cage from us after self-confessed hours of study and deliberation on our website. After receiving their cage, they found it was too big to fit in the location they had chosen for it. (“It’s a lot bigger than it looks in the picture”.) So now they were stuck.

No problem. With our 30-day guarantee of satisfaction, we refunded their purchase price and they returned the cages. Nothing wrong with the cages. They weren’t returned because they were defective or broken. They just didn’t fit the customers’ needs.

Nothing wrong with the cage – their kid was allergic to guinea pigs. Nothing wrong with the cage – they just measured or estimated wrong. Not our fault – yet we took it back. Why?

We are not in business to make money at all costs. If we were, we’d be selling drugs, assassinating people for money or holding up liquor stores. (Those certainly pay a lot better than guinea pig cages).

Yes – of course we are doing this to make money. We have five guinea pigs to support (and, oh ya, two kids in college). But we’re also in it to create happy, satisfied customers. We don’t want to force a cage on someone who doesn’t want it. We want happy pigs and happy owners. Simple.

And our eBay feedback tells us that we are succeeding.

One problem with buying online is that you can’t touch, feel, hold and examine the object you are buying. So it feels like you’re taking a big risk to buy online.

Hopefully our guarantee takes that risk out of it for you.

Just return the cage in the condition which you received it so we can resell it. That’s all we ask.

It doesn’t have to be our fault. It can be your “fault” or no one’s fault. Your kid can be allergic, you can make a measuring mistake, you can change your mind, you can tell us you thought it was an aquarium, you can tell us your pig was abducted by aliens - we don’t care.

If you’re not happy, return it within 30-days. Why are we so confident that we offer this (and most others offer 7-days)? Because we get very few returns. Almost everyone is happy with the guinea pig cage we ship them. Don’t believe us? Read our feedback.

We like happy pigs. We like happy customers. I think we’ll leave the liquor store holdups to the pros.

Why not take a look at our unadvertized, money-saving special offer?
(It’s okay. You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee – even if your pig is abducted by aliens)…

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