Aug 9

Below are all of the items listed in our eBay store.
There are generally two listings for each item with the auction price being slightly lower than the fixed price (Buy-it-Now) item.
So that's the trade-off: Auctions are better deals but Fixed Price items generally come to you faster.

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8 Responses to “Our eBay Store Items”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    I’d like to find out if you sell the enclosure security clips or where I can buy them. Thanks!

  2. Nina Stokes says:

    Hi – I currently have your 2-story cage with ramp and my 2 guinea pigs have pretty much chewed up and demolished the edges of the ramp opening and so it’s easy for them to fall down or push each other down the ramp and I worry about them being injured. I’m going to order a replacement ramp but I’d also like to replace the corrugated plastic at least upstairs and possibly downstairs too – is it possible to purchase the corrugated plastic without the metal cage or would I have to buy a new cage too? Thanks a million, Nina.

  3. bhuvan says:

    i want the prices in rs. since i’m going to buy in india

  4. Debra Barkley says:

    Ok would like to buy one of your cages but there is no current listings on eBay.. where else can I order one. Thank you.

  5. Derrick Forshee says:

    Are you still selling guinea pig cages on eBay?

  6. Denise says:

    Hi I was wondering do you make any cages that don’t have Ramps I need one for two piggies that need to be separated :(

  7. Laura G says:

    Hi, are you still making guinea pig cage bases and ramps?

  8. Nettie Pegors says:

    I dont see your e bay listings

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