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2x3x2 Mini-Terrace Guinea Pig CageCan you remember seeing a guinea pig hutch when you were a kid? Remember that one kid (maybe it was you) that had that old wood and chicken wire beast-of-a-cage behind the house — or maybe behind the detached garage. Or perhaps it was a rabbit hutch. Whatever it was, chances are that poor little animal had a hard life trying to survive outside in most regions of the United States.

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By now, you have to know the story. Small cages for guinea pigs are out – big guinea pig cages are in. It’s a fact. People (people like you and me) are becoming more educated about animal and pet care.

Sure, years ago, we had an excuse for stuffing our pets into tiny cages—ignorance. That’s right. We didn’t know any better.

When I was growing up, we didn’t fully understand nutrition and exercise for humans—let alone for our pets. Our parents were stuffing us with fried foods, whole milk and red meat because, back then, it was good for us. They didn’t know any better. And pet stores were selling small lab-rat cages for guinea pigs—and we bought them. Again, we didn’t know any better.

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