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2x4x3 Colonial Guinea Pig Cage with StorageAre you considering buying a guinea pig cage? Perhaps you should consider building your own cage – either from a kit or from scratch. With cubes and Coroplast (C&C) technology, you not only get a lot of cage for the money; you have the freedom to design and build the exact cage you want with custom innovative features.

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NOTICE!!! BlueStoneCommerce Online Guinea Pig Cage Store to be closed… Friday. Jan 11, 1013 thru Thur, Jan 17, 2013 !!!

SO… Last open day before Crusin’ will be Thursday Jan. 10, 2013 and we will reopen on Friday Jan 18, 2013…

WATCH THE VDO for details…

We’ve had problems with our flights…

We’ll get home on Monday the 12th of March, 2012 instead of the planned Sunday March 11. But we still plan to get those C&C guinea pig cages out ON TIME… We’ll do our best!!!

When you think of a guinea pig cage, what’s the image that immediately comes to mind? Of course, it’s that tiny little factory-manufactured rodent cage that we always see in pet stores.

We’ve been sellers of large, comfortable and healthy C&C guinea pig cages for several years. We deal with these non-traditional cages on a daily basis – and yet – when you mention the words “guinea pig cage” the image of the small, cramped pet store rodent cage is still the first to come to our minds.
We’ve been conditioned. Since we’ve been small, we’ve seen guinea pigs housed in these small cages. We saw them at friends’ houses, at relative’s houses and in stores. And, if we were lucky enough to have a pet guinea pig as children, this was probably the cage that our parents bought for us.

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Dec 27

What’s that – hives? A rash? What’s going on?

Yep. This holiday season, we’ve had two households find out that their kids were allergic to guinea pigs when they handled the little critters at the store. They had each ordered a guinea pig cage in advance from BlueStoneCommerce and now they were stuck.

Another bought a guinea pig cage from us after self-confessed hours of study and deliberation on our website. After receiving their cage, they found it was too big to fit in the location they had chosen for it. (“It’s a lot bigger than it looks in the picture”.) So now they were stuck.

No problem. With our 30-day guarantee of satisfaction, we refunded their purchase price and they returned the cages. Nothing wrong with the cages. They weren’t returned because they were defective or broken. They just didn’t fit the customers’ needs.

Nothing wrong with the cage – their kid was allergic to guinea pigs. Nothing wrong with the cage – they just measured or estimated wrong. Not our fault – yet we took it back. Why?

We are not in business to make money at all costs. If we were, we’d be selling drugs, assassinating people for money or holding up liquor stores. (Those certainly pay a lot better than guinea pig cages).

Yes – of course we are doing this to make money. We have five guinea pigs to support (and, oh ya, two kids in college). But we’re also in it to create happy, satisfied customers. We don’t want to force a cage on someone who doesn’t want it. We want happy pigs and happy owners. Simple.

And our eBay feedback tells us that we are succeeding.

One problem with buying online is that you can’t touch, feel, hold and examine the object you are buying. So it feels like you’re taking a big risk to buy online.

Hopefully our guarantee takes that risk out of it for you.

Just return the cage in the condition which you received it so we can resell it. That’s all we ask.

It doesn’t have to be our fault. It can be your “fault” or no one’s fault. Your kid can be allergic, you can make a measuring mistake, you can change your mind, you can tell us you thought it was an aquarium, you can tell us your pig was abducted by aliens - we don’t care.

If you’re not happy, return it within 30-days. Why are we so confident that we offer this (and most others offer 7-days)? Because we get very few returns. Almost everyone is happy with the guinea pig cage we ship them. Don’t believe us? Read our feedback.

We like happy pigs. We like happy customers. I think we’ll leave the liquor store holdups to the pros.

Why not take a look at our unadvertized, money-saving special offer?
(It’s okay. You’re protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee – even if your pig is abducted by aliens)…

Earlier today, I sent out an email announcement saying that if you needed a cavy cage, while we’re vacationing in Hawaii (Oct 6, 2010 – Oct 24, 2010), we still had all of our BlueStoneCommerce models in stock. Well, guess what?
Bad News: We just sold the very last 2×4 Colonial model. No more of this particular cavy cage model available until Oct. 25, 2010! (Yes, they’re going that fast).
Good News: As of today, we still have the 2×4 Colonial with storage in stock. (Same as the 2×4 Colonial but with a very handy integral storage pedestal built in to the bottom level).

While we are here in Hawaii, we are working to keep your pigs happy – although working here doesn’t really feel like working as you can see in this VDO:

So, in the mean time, you may want to get the cage you’re interested in before they are picked over and sold out. All models except one are still available (but some models are running low).

ACT QUICKLY and get, not only the cage you want – but Save Money with our Unadvertised Internet Discount – just CLICK on the BUTTON below:

Forget the previous post about Going to Hawaii – We are GONE!

What does that mean to you? Well, before we left, we packed up 30 cages of different varieties and we arranged with our great UPS guy to ship them for us as necessary. So…

1. YES! CAGES ARE STILL AVAILABLE while we’re gone.
2. We have a limited number of cages. When they’re gone – they’re gone. Sorry.
3. We have a limited number of each cage model. When particular models are gone – they’re gone. Sorry again.
4. We’ll be back in full stride on October 25, 2010.
5. That’s it… I’m going snorkeling…


As I write this post - we are in Hawaii right now. I’m not bragging  – I’m just passing along some information. For those who are interested – here’s us getting to Honolulu…

Sorry for the inconvenience – but I’m sure you understand – and, I’m sure, so do your pigs.


Bob and Nancy

Yes — it’s no secret. BlueStoneCommerce has C&C guinea pig cages for sale. What’s our motivation? Let me give you a little history.

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Cages for Guinea Pigs Must Be Large Enough for Your Pigs to Run

Exercise is important. When selecting cages for guinea pigs, one must take this factor into consideration. One regrettable mistake that too many uninformed first-time pig owners make is buying that small rodent cage that is offered to them at the pet store. Most of these cages tend to offer less than three square-feet of cage space — far too small for even one pig.

Most guinea pig rescue organizations recommend that you provide at least six to seven square feet for a single pig, 7.5 square feet for two pigs, 10.5 for three pigs and at least 13 square feet for four pigs.

This will allow room for the pigs, a nestbox, water dish and other accessories that may take up additional guinea pig cage space.

Manufactured cages of this size are difficult to find and may be expensive. For this reason, in-the-know guinea pig owners are moving ever-increasingly toward a popular type of do-it-yourself or kit cages known as Cubes and Coroplast cages.

Choose a Smooth Material for the Cage Floor

Wire or grid floors are hard on your guinea pigs’ feet. Rigid metal bars or grids can trap toes and legs and harm your pet cavy’s fragile feet. You would never design your house with floors made of metal bars spaced a foot apart and suspended a foot off the foundation. Why would you expect your pets to spend their lives in such an environment?

Incidentally, the same goes when choosing a ramp for a multi-level enclosure. The ramp should not use metal grids for traction. For best pig health and safety, choose a cage with a smooth easy-to-clean bottom.

Does My Guinea Pig Cage Need a Lid?

If your guinea pigs are sharing your home with what I like to call “domestic predators” (most notably cats and toddlers) you will definitely need a lid. If, on the other hand, your home is totally “pig friendly”, then a lid is not needed.

Most C&C cages for guinea pigs and pens tend to have 14″ walls. Although guinea pigs do like to jump for fun (commonly called “popcorning”), they are not known for being prolific leapers If your home is safe, we actually recommend that you avoid using a lid. We find that when guinea pigs are housed in a cage with no lid, since there is no lid to open, interaction with the guinea pigs becomes easier and more frequent. I also simplifies tasks like feeding the guinea pigs and cleaning the cage.

For Your Conveinience, Doors and Lids Should be Large

Most C&C cages are designed with doors that are too small. Small doors, make it very hard to pick up your pets. If you’ve ever tried to corner a scurrying guinea pig with one arm through a tiny opening, you will immediately agree that they are “scurriers”.

At we offer innovative cages for guinea pigs with large fold-down “tailgates”. These models are engineered so that the entire side of the cage swings open like the tailgate on a pickup truck. Now you can reach in with both hands to scoop up your guinea pig (or to scoop out soiled bedding). If you’ve ever tried to shovel 25 lbs. of wet bedding through a small door and then turn around and shovel 25 lbs. of clean bedding back in through that tiny opening; you will immediately recognize the value of the BlueStoneCommerce tailgate concept.

We’re long-time guinea pig owners, so you can believe us when we tell you: it’s much easier to scrape the bedding out into a waste container and then just pour the new bedding in directly from the bag. Yes, door-opening size really is a big deal.

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Guinea Pig Cage C&C Designs – Do You Need This Innovative Feature?
for another convenience feature that most cages are missing…

BlueStoneCommerce has several guinea pig cage designs to choose from. All of them are designed to incorporate all of the features discussed in this article. Why not CLICK ON THE BUTTON directly below to visit one of our stores and TAKE A LOOK at our innovative designs…