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posted by bob
Oct 10

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hello. I am wondering if you offer a version of your deluxe colonial homestead cage with integral storage base in a slightly bigger size. (2×5 grids, instead of 2×4)

    Im asking because I have already purchased some piggy bedspreads (fleece bedding system) in the 2×5 size and it would be a good chunk of money down the drain if I could no longer use them.

    Also, would it be possible to have the opening for the ramp (second story) in one of the corners of the cages, versus the middle? I’d need to cut a hole in my piggy bedspread for the second story and I think it would be easier to do this in a corner of the product.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. al says:

    Bob, need some pics of some of your gibson guitars , prices etc. there is somebody here at my work that is interested . Thanks

  3. Theressa says:

    I bought one of your 3 story guinea pig cages last year, I need the black replacement trays with the run down part as well. Where do I get these from?

  4. michael says:

    I was wondering if you sold the grids separatly. I saw on the cage that has the 2nd level (with the triangle tunnel that there were pieces 4 squares wide. Do you cut them yourself or do you buy them like that? I need pieces like that to make my cage fit better in a cabinet without having overlapping pieces. I really dont want to have to cut them myself either and have sharp edges my piggies could get hurt on. If you dont sell them, any suggestions on where to find them?

  5. bob says:

    BlueStoneCommerce Cages uses the plastic-coated metal grids that are 14 inches by 14 inches. We do cut the grids ourselves to fit the triangle tunnel you were referring to. We do not sell the grids separately but only with the Cage Kit. You will probably have to cut them yourselves because we do not know where you can find grids that are cut a smaller size than 14 inches. Thank you for your interest in BlueStoneCommerce Cages!

  6. De66ie says:

    I have two guinea pigs but they need to be separated. Do you guys make one of your wonderful cages that are divided i.e. bottom level, top level and a ramp inbetween the levels that they cannot get access to each other but still be able to see each other through a grid of some sort? Thanks!

  7. Moira says:

    Hey Bob!!!!! Great business you have here and I hope it has been fruitful for you! Are you still doing that artificial intelligence thing? I love Guinea Pigs!! No going to go into much detail here, but wanted to say hello to you and your family!!! I sure hope life has been good to you and your Mouse!!

  8. Susan says:

    Dear Bob & Nancy,
    Aloha again! Thank you for the information re: ebay item #320594335020. We are very interested in this but are concerned about being able to check the shipped package(s) onto our airplane. Would you be so kind as to tell me the dimensions and weight of the cage kit package(s)?
    PS: What is your email address?

  9. bob says:

    Aloha Susan,

    The dimensions for the packages of all of our Cage Kits and the Millennium 200 Cage Kit is 43 inches long by 29 inches wide by 4 inches deep. It weighs about 31 pounds. Please contact us at bluestonecommerce@yahoo.com. We always check our email address and will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in BlueStoneCommerce Cages.

    Warmest Regards,
    BlueStoneCommerce Cages

  10. bob says:


    BlueStoneCommerce Cages is on vacation currently and will be back in full operation on Monday, October 25, 2010. Please contact us at bluestonecommerce@yahoo.com after we return to discuss the different cage options for dividing your pigs.

    BlueStoneCommerce Cages

  11. Cherie Goetz says:


    Awhile back, I ordered your next-to-largest two story cage for my two pigs, and everyone is happy. What I am wondering is, do you sell replacement ramps and replacement coroplast trays? Please let me know.


    Cherie Goetz

  12. Cindy says:

    Bob & Nancy—We need you at the 40th class reunion!! Tickets going fast!! Contact me on FB or by e-mail ASAP! Cindy

  13. Jacquelyn says:


    I know your cages are ideally made for guinea pigs. However, I was wondering if you think they would be good for rats too. I am getting 3 baby rats soon and I was really impressed with how the system of these cages works. However, I don’t know the spacing of the wiring on your cages and I wonder if they would be big enough in height to hang things for the rats to climb on… I know that as a rule of thumb, baby rats need about 1/2″ bar spacing to keep them from escaping… What is your opinion? Thanks!


  14. Autumn Janvier says:

    I’m just wondering do you guys make the cages yoursevles?

  15. Brent Elrod says:

    I have your 3 story cage for our guinea pigs. I need to replace the two side walls that go around the ramp openings on the third and second stories.
    How much are those two parts and I would prefer the chew resistant tops if you have them?


  16. Jen says:

    I was interested in purchasing the new 2 level 2 x3 deluxe cage but was wondering if I could get it with a lid

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  21. Wendy fairley says:

    Hi there
    I am rather frustrated as I have not been able to find contact details on how to purchase the diy cc cubes to build my guinea pig cage. I have been searching for hours to no avail.
    I live in NewZealand and there dosen’t seem to be an outlet for your cages here. Is there an email adress or phone number so i can contact you? thanks.

  22. Stephanie Phillips says:

    I would like to purchase a cage from you but I would like to send a check or charge the amount on my visa card. This web site seems confusing to me as to how I can order from you. Please let me know if I can either charge on my visa or send you a check. I would need to order: The Mini Terrace cage. 28W 42L 28H Square inches: 1,640 for $129.00 please let me know.

    Thank you.
    Stephanie Phillips

  23. Bobby Hallman says:

    I ordered one of your Guinea Pig Cage kits. The assemby instructions were to be sent to my email. I have deleted the email in error. Could you resend the instructions. Order # EB2150
    Thank you.
    Bobby Hallman

  24. Mark Amundson says:

    we own one of your three-tier cages and love it. There is only one problem. Our guinea pigs are eating the ramps and we aim we need one new one who we have to contact in order to get a new ramp as it is right now. They can’t reach the third story because I’ve had replaced their lower ramp with that one. Thank you.
    Mark Amundson

  25. laura says:

    Hi.My son and I really like your guinea pig enclosures. We live in Perth Western Australia 6021. Are we able to purchase one and have it posted to us?

  26. Andrea says:

    Hi, I purchased one of your cages about a year ago. I want to replace the floors and ramps as my guineas have chewed them up. How can I buy these seperately?

  27. Kerry Sully says:

    I am looking to buy a coroplast bottom separately to fit a 28 x 42 cage. We bought one of your kits last year and want to rearrange it a bit. How can I buy this separately.

    Kerry Sully

  28. Jenn says:

    Hi , I’m reaching out to you because I’ve been trying to purchase or build my own indoor rabbit cage and your styles of cages are exactly what I need or want but of course the size needs to be bigger. The ramp and the opening to the second level. If you would be able to email me with your options or if you build them for rabbits too that would be great. Id truly appreciate it. Jenn

  29. Sharon says:

    I would really like to replace my tray and ramp. Is there any way to buy them from you?
    Thank You.

  30. Christine says:


    I bought my daughter a cage from you folks for christmas. We love it. But we are looking to add more pigs to the group so we need to expand the cage.. We bought the cage know as the Colonial Homestead? If that sounds right we are looking to add a thrid level to that. We didnt know if we could purchase the cubes, ties, another ramp, the steel bars, and the coloroplast from you folks as we love the one we have. If yu could please get back to me and let me also know the price that would be great!


  31. Kristen says:

    Can I purchase replacement ramps and Coroplast for my cage?

    Thank you.


  32. Shea Aichele says:


    I bought a Guinea Pig cage in about January for my room, It is a two level 3×2 and 3×1 but I was wanting to add onto it. My room is not that large so I was wanting to add something on like a 1×3 to a 1×5 but I cannot seem to find and cage like that on here. Could you maybe tell me if you have one, and the price?

  33. christina says:

    I got 3 tier guinea pig cage. my husband quit trying to put it together, now my neighbor is trying so sorry I purchased it. too many zip ties. too high price

  34. Michelle C says:

    I bought the NEW 3-Level 2X4 Guinea Pig DELUXE Custom Pet CAGE a year ago for my six babies and the darlings have ALL turned out to be chewers. They have destroyed the coroplast ramp and bins the little devils lol. I was trying to find replacement bins and ramp with the chew guard (should have done the upgrade when I bought it) but having trouble finding the right ones. please help!

  35. marie coker says:

    i need your address to pick up a cage, thank
    Marie Coker

  36. Daijah Thompson says:

    Do you guys still have the 3 level 1×3 Guinea pig Large Custom pet cage?

    -Daijah Thompson

  37. tntrussman says:

    Are you still in business? Would like to buy a cage for my daughters two pigs. If not in business, can you offer up instructions on building the various cages you offer? Thanks–

  38. Kim says:

    Hello! I have the cage found here:


    and I would like to buy new inserts. I see the ramp for sale, but not the floors. Can you help, please?

    Thank you!

  39. megha dilawari says:

    This is Meghan. I have been in contact with Nancy regarding my 2×4- 2 story cage. Please email me directly on my address, so we don’t have to go through eBay.
    Thank you.

  40. Anne Hamilton says:

    Good Afternoon
    We purchased in Aug 13 a double guinea pig habit. We love it but need to reorder the cardboard inserts. I could not find on your website nor a phone number to call and order
    Please advise. Look forward to hearing from you

  41. Stacy says:

    We need to replace the flooring in our guinea pig cages. We have two 2×3 cages and we need flooring for both. We’ve bought from you before and we live in MI nearby so if you could let us know how much and when a good time to pick them up we would appreciate it. Thanks.

  42. John says:


    Some time ago I bought a ramp for our guinea pig cage from your company. I am in need of a new one and was wondering if you still sold them.



  43. Lissa Beck says:

    I was hoping you could help me. We’re building a C&C cage for 2 bunnies and I saw your video on YouTube about the ramps. I LOVE the idea and immediately wanted to order one. Do y’all still sell these? If not, could you tell me how to make them so I can be sure my bunnies are safe?
    Thank you for your help!

  44. Sandy Brightwell says:

    Hi Guys, Several years ago, I wrote you that I had purchased cubes and coroplast already and asked if you would send me directions for the mini-terrace cage with ramp (BluestoneCommerce Mid-Sized Mini-Terrace Enclosed Guinea Pig Cage Assembly Instructions). You were kind enough to do that, and I have lost the file on my computer. We put off adding the ramp and now I cannot find the file. Would you kindly send me those instructions again? Thanks so much!

  45. Jon says:

    I can’t find any of your cages on the sites you link to. Have you stopped making and selling these? If so, why not update the website? If you’re still selling, please let me know where I can shop. Thanks!

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