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Earlier today, I sent out an email announcement saying that if you needed a cavy cage, while we’re vacationing in Hawaii (Oct 6, 2010 – Oct 24, 2010), we still had all of our BlueStoneCommerce models in stock. Well, guess what?
Bad News: We just sold the very last 2×4 Colonial model. No more of this particular cavy cage model available until Oct. 25, 2010! (Yes, they’re going that fast).
Good News: As of today, we still have the 2×4 Colonial with storage in stock. (Same as the 2×4 Colonial but with a very handy integral storage pedestal built in to the bottom level).

While we are here in Hawaii, we are working to keep your pigs happy – although working here doesn’t really feel like working as you can see in this VDO:

So, in the mean time, you may want to get the cage you’re interested in before they are picked over and sold out. All models except one are still available (but some models are running low).

ACT QUICKLY and get, not only the cage you want – but Save Money with our Unadvertised Internet Discount – just CLICK on the BUTTON below:

Nancy and I are indeed enjoying ourselves in Hawaii. But we are still in contact with “civilization” as you know if you have sent us an email in the past few days. We are still answering emails and we are still selling cages.

So, if you need a cavy cage we still have a large selection and fairly large inventory of cages.


Although, as of this writing, we have already sold seven of our 30 original cages. So they are going kind of fast – and the selection will become more and more limited as time goes on. But, no need to fear… Remember…

We will be back in town and fully engaged on October 25, 2010.

 Until then, I think we’ll just go fly around Kauai. (See if you can spot the waterfall that they used in the movie Jurassic Park)…

So, yes, we’re away from home. But, because we worked hard to make prior arrangements, you can still get a cavy cage from us by visiting one of our online stores.

Just click on the button below to visit our online stores
(and to claim your UNADVERTIZED DISCOUNT on shipping)…

Is the standard pet store rodent cage suitable for your guinea pig? See what we have to say about that little mass-produced rodent cage. Our views on the pet store rodent cage. <–CLICK HERE and READ.

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Are you keeping your cavy in a rodent cage that might be more commonly seen in a laboratory than in a family home? If so, it’s not your fault – until now.

The standard rodent cage or guinea pig cage that you see at pet stores and department stores sell is much too small to provide a physically and psychologically healthy environment for your guinea pig. You may have heard me say this before – it’s equivalent to you living your entire life in your bathroom. There’s no room to exercise, no room to move about comfortably and there is an ever-present sense of confinement.

As I said earlier, if this is the case at your house, it’s not your fault because those are the cages that are displayed and sold by all of the big retailers. These cages are the default cages offered when a new guinea pig is sold. In fact, these cages are often the only cages offered when a new pig is sold.

But, if after reading this article, your cavy continues to live in a small, confining rodent cage, you can no longer claim ignorance. If your guinea pig is not in a cage that is at least 7.5 sq. ft. – you can no longer claim innocence. It’s all on you now.

Of course, an economical way to get a cage this large is to get or build a C&C cage. No – you won’t find them in pet stores. Where can you find one? Well, admittedly I am biased, but I think the best place is here at BlueStoneCages. And here’s an additional bonus…


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Looking for a cavy cage? You can still get one even when we’re on vacation. For details, CLICK HERE–> Get a cavy cage while we’re in Hawaii.

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Forget the previous post about Going to Hawaii – We are GONE!

What does that mean to you? Well, before we left, we packed up 30 cages of different varieties and we arranged with our great UPS guy to ship them for us as necessary. So…

1. YES! CAGES ARE STILL AVAILABLE while we’re gone.
2. We have a limited number of cages. When they’re gone – they’re gone. Sorry.
3. We have a limited number of each cage model. When particular models are gone – they’re gone. Sorry again.
4. We’ll be back in full stride on October 25, 2010.
5. That’s it… I’m going snorkeling…


As I write this post - we are in Hawaii right now. I’m not bragging  – I’m just passing along some information. For those who are interested – here’s us getting to Honolulu…

Sorry for the inconvenience – but I’m sure you understand – and, I’m sure, so do your pigs.


Bob and Nancy